Whale Watching

By Nathaniel Goldberg

For a few years now, our Aunt Toby invites us to go Whale Watching with the Audubon Society. Whale Watching is when we go on a boat to watch whales, seals, and sometimes dead jellyfish. We also invited our homeschool co-op to come, and many of them did. I’ll put a list of the things mom made us bring.

  • Binoculars

  • scarves

  • gloves

  • Sweatshirts

  • Jackets

When the Oliphants came, we drove to the wharf to wait for the ship. While we were waiting we saw some guy with parrots, a candy shop with a mechanical taffy puller, and the beautiful sea. On the boat, we went around a line of rocks where some seals were sunbathing (Weren’t they stinky!). We didn’t see any whales until we had gone farther out. When we saw a whale spout, I said, “Thar She blows!” and some people would try to see the whales. We saw lots of whales on the cruise. It was so fun to see the spout, the body, and the tails of the whales. Matiah felt a little sick so he went to the back of the boat where there were some ginger snaps (Ginger is supposed to be good for calming your stomach). I thought the fish in the sea were thirsty, so I gave them some water from my water bottle. I also accidentally threw my hat overboard (Uh oh). When we landed, we took pictures with the parrots I told you about, bought ice cream cones, caramel corn, and clam chowder (Pronounced chow-dah). Then we left and got home at 6:30 p.m. It was all really fun.





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