Legoleague, 2008

For the past 4 months Jonathan, Matiah, Nathaniel, and Daniel have been doing Legoleague.  ( We are all lego’d out now). there were three teams in our group the tripilets in one team, Daniel in another, and one more team. On Fridays we got together and did legoleague.  We had to build the robot, attachments, jigs, and gadgets.  Then we had write programs to solve the missions. everything we use has to be made out of legos. We had to had to build the mission set up (also made out of legos). also the teams had to do a presentation, the theme for this year was Climate connections. The subject the team that the tripilets were on chose: Globle warming and cooling are natural cycles of the earth.  At the tornamant there was a place to run around.  🙂  Last year there wasn’t a place to run around.


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