Creche, 2008

On 12/7/08, Fast Sunday, everybody was excited. At first, I didn’t know why… and then mom reminded me— we were going to the Creche Exhibit!!  🙂

The Creche Exhibit is held in a church. The inside of the building is decorated with different creches, some even from different countries! And my dad and aunt always sings with the Valparaiso- Singers. Very beautiful music.

Our neighbor Debbie was joining us for this occasion. She had seen it with us a couple years before, and really wanted to come with us again. When we got to the creche, we went straight to the chapel room, where my dad and aunt were going to sing. Their songs were very happy and joyful— because they were singing about Jesus!  😉

After the Valparaiso Singers were done, I paired off with Debbie and we started looking at all of the different creches. They were very interesting. I showed Debbie a 3D picture of Mary and Joseph looking at baby Jesus, made out of legos!  😛  — And three kings coming to worship their Lord in a manger, painted on a feather!  There were so many that I’d like to share with you, but it would take too long.

We met lots of our friends at the Creche Exhibit. After Debbie grouped up with mom and the boys, I took off with Madlyn Cate, one of the friends I had bumped into.

When all the exhibits had been seen, Debbie, mom, the boys, and us girls all hurried to the court yard where a nice woman was serving very hot hot-cocoa. I’m sure happy for the annual hot chocolate, because it warms you up really quickly on cold days like that! We stayed and chatted with friends and family, and then piled into the van. Every one was extremely tired, but also extremely happy that they were able to go and see the Creche Exhibit. Nobody in our BMW (Big Mormon Wagon) would have wanted our Fast Sunday to have been otherwise.

~~~ Susannah Goldberg



  1. The BMW (Big Mormon Wagon) should be a MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle). 😉

  2. Very well written and descriptive Susannah! I went with you one year. I remember that Nathaniel was very hungry because he didn’t like what was served for dinner so he didn’t eat. THe rule was that if you didn’t eat dinner you couldn’t eat later. So he was starved and said he would never do that again–he learned his lesson! He was 4 or 5 yrs old.

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