Washington D.C.–2008

We’ve been doing a lot of activities this year. One big event was going to Washington D.C. We had a lot of fun there (except maybe when we got sick with stomach flu on the first day) I really liked the Museum of Natural History (we saw a LOT of animal exhibits); and in all of the exhibits I think I liked the mammals exhibit and the Hope Diamond best. The Museum was sooooooooo huge! We went there a lot of times and we STILL haven’t seen all of it. The Presidential memorials were really nice, too (I think I liked the Jefferson Memorial the best).When we went to the Washington Monument, It was pouring buckets and buckets of rain. When we finally got inside (we had to wait awhile), we found that because of terrorists we couldn’t go up the 897 steps! 😦 We couldn’t even have a tour guide to lead us DOWN the steps because of vandalism! *eye twitches* We also went to the Spy Museum (pretty cool), The Holocaust Museum (Very sad and scary), and the Air and Space Museum 🙂 . I’m not sure if I’ll ever fully recover when we went to the National art museum(yes, it was that bad). Daniel had a stomachache so he didn’t go(lucky).  We also went to the Bureau of Ingraving and Printing (or something like that) where we had a tour and saw money being printed, and a video of what happens from the printing to when it actually becomes money. We had a tour of the Capitol Building, too. While eating supper at McDonald’s (again) we learned why all the other restaurants in D.C. Close at 5:00 P.M.(because of angry drunk guys).


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